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Luka is only 13 weeks and she just cant stand when another dog gets close to her, she never goes out of her way to get at them but will almost always snap if they are in her "bubble." Has anyone else experienced this? Please tell me we aren't the only ones!

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Emwmck, try posting this in the general discussion area. This part of the board is for training dogs to work stock.


It sounds to me like your girl might be afraid of other dogs. 13 weeks is still a baby. What kind of dogs are you talking about? Some other breeds have social styles that many border collies don't care for.


Labs, boxers and some other dogs are very bouncy and in your face kinds of dogs. Yes, border collies like their own space bubble to be large.


Re-post in the general area, you'll get more responses.


Ruth and Gibbs

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