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Hi Everyone,

I'm interested in getting my Faith (1 year) into agility. she starts classes in the Summer but I'd like to get somewhat of a head start. Val I know you already gave me some suggestions but does anyone else also have any tips on just getting her started with things I can do in normal routines? Also does anyone know a site that has good info on building equipment for practice or can anyone tell me how to build my own? I'm xspecially interested right now in the A frame design. Thanks IN Advance





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Right on - dogpatch.com also links to other sites: www.usdaa.com and www.nadac.com, two agility organizations with lots of great info. If you join USDAA (which you must do to compete in their trials), you can order a book on building obstacles to their standards. Some of them are a bit "overdone" (e.g., heavy and awkward), but relatively inexpensive. Almost everything can be built of PVC pipe - cheap, light, easy to work with (especially for non-carpenter types like me). Again, dogpatch has lots of those links.


Sarah: You do know about not over-doing agility in a young dog, right?!? At one of age, bones are not totally fused, and can be damaged by overjumping, over-training, etc. You can practice EVERYTHING, including the A-frame, at lower than normal heights. You sure don't want a talented but crippled older agility champ!


If you get a chance, go to trials in your area long before you compete. It'll give you a great idea of what goes on. Talk to folks too - most are more than willing to help; just don't catch them right before they run a dog!


And say goodbye to your yard, your garage, your free time, any spare change you have----it'll all be dedicated to agility soon! Enjoy - it's great fun.



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Hi Everyone

Thanks For replying. Yes I do know about not overworking her. the class is a beginner class that meets 1 time a week and without too much jumping. I'd also been told about supplmenting her with something (I'll have to check again) to help prevent injury. I'm excited to get started I think she could do real well. Thanks again for the help.



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