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8 year old boy that we are fostering near saint louis

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First the bad stuff: Johnny Ringo (JR) Will sometimes nip a man on the front of the thigh. He will sometimes lunge at another dog. Not sure if this is fearful aggression or protection of the human (me).


But there are many good qualities. Smart, energetic, loves to walk and gets to walk an hour each day with our female Siberian Husky. Not a single health problem. Negative for heartworm and current on all vaccinations. Our Siberian is an alpha female who asserts her dominance over JR and keeps order among all our dogs.


We already have 4 dogs and cannot take on another. Please contact me if you feel you have a good forever home for Johnny Ringo.You may email through this site or go to my website for other contact options: click here.

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I finally found a is no kill shelter that works with the state of illinois department corrections. The dogs live in the prison and there are 2 inmates to train each dog. Exactly the kind of obedience training and socialization that this dog needs.


I expect that he will do very well but I will take him back if he does not.

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I missed this, being at work today, and am glad that you have found a program for him. He is a lucky dog to have been taken under your care, even if only as a way-station on his progress to a forever situation. I understand these programs make a positive change in not only the lives of the animals but also of the people involved, so the benefits are multiplied.


Very best wishes!

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