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Faye sees sheep!

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My dogs want to know if they can come and live with Faye. They *see* cattle frequently but don't often get to *work* them. Maybe if they live with Faye, they can work stock more often...

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Sure it'd diamond studded! Aren't all dogs wearing diamonds these days? ;)


It's a Walmart special till I get her puppy collar from gun dog supply, it's light reflective aka: diamonds!


She is my little pistol! Ready to get sheep every time we walk out the door. Gonna make lambing a bit tricky this year! Timing, let Faye out to potty, put her in take Dew out to check lambs, oops...I said put Faye in...yes Faye...that means you! Ahhh little puppies are fast and can slip out the door before you even know it!


Maybe the diamonds are giving her super sneaky slip out the door power! An X-pen held her all of 2 minutes, gotta get some tent stakes!

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