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larger border collies

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It really depends ... There are some big border collies out there, but it's never guaranteed that a big stud dog or big bitch will throw big pups. My boy is good sized but his dad is a bit small, his mom is standard, and his sister whom I also have is slight as a whippet, compared to him! ;)


Personally, I'd make size the last of my concerns. You want a dog that suits you for who he or she is, and how they fit your lifestyle. Trying to replace your beloved old dog with another who looks like him may simply be a recipe for heartache, since he may have the size but be entirely different in every other way. Border collies are so wonderfully varied in physical type that limiting oneself to a cosmetic ideal is ... well, limiting! ;)


Good luck.


~ Gloria

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I think Gloria is right. That said, I like a "big 'ole dog" whose ribs I can thump, and whose head I can rest my hand upon without leaning over.


I don't know if Dexter was a working dog, but if so, I think size would be way down the list as to criterion.


If not, there's a lot of "big boys" in rescue. The perfect dog may be waiting for you now. :D


(Which is not to say there are no working dogs in rescue!)

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I'm on my third BC. I loved my first girl Scamper. She was very small, maybe 30lbs if she was lucky and she was a tri. Then I got Zoe, a gorgeous blue merle with two different colored eyes like me :) She was my girl and we were so in tune with each other. I miss her so much. After I lost Zoe I was sure I wanted another BC just like her. But then I decided 1. I would get a male and 2. It would hurt too much to look at another blue merle everyday so now I have Brock, a handsome traditional black and white :) His looks and color were at the bottom of my criteria list. I wanted a dog that was going to fit me and my personality and I'm very pleased so far!

Good luck in your search!

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If you have your heart set on a larger dog, I think your best bet is rescue and a youg sdult who is clearly a larger size. As others have noted, there is no guarantee a pup from a large parent will also grow into a large dog. Your other choice would be to do a lot of research and see if you can find someone who consistently produces large dogs, but I'm not sure where I'd start with something like that.



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I'll second Julie's comment about rescue. You can get a great dog and have a much better idea what you are getting than to buy a pup.


Size is not something that matters to me but I understand someone who has an attachment to a particular appearance, especially for sentimental reasons.


Best wishes!

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I was going to come back and suggest rescue, but I see others have already done so! :)


Rescue might be a great way for you to find a dog whose size is already known and his temperament, as well. My old dog Jesse is now 13 and I got him at age 2 as a rescue. He's been the best friend and partner I could ever ask for. There are some really wonderful dogs in rescue who just need the right person to look them in the eyes and say, "Yes. You're the one." Who knows, some big ol' boy may be out there waiting just for you. :)


Good luck!



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