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Scalibor Protector Band for Dog


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I am starting to look into tick control for the hounds. I used Frontline last year, and was not impressed. Ended up having 4 ticks on one dog. :o I was looking at the

Scalibor Protector Band for Dogs but as I have never used them, I am not sure how well they work. We live in the Pacific NW, rainy and damp, perfect for ticks it seems. I was also looking at the Preventic Tick Collar and I know people on here have given it good reviews. My only concern is that we hike a lot, lots of streams and small rivers to cross, and sometimes the dogs swim around to cool off, and the Preventic collars are not waterproof while the Scalibor are (supposedly).


Any suggestions or thoughts?



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I had considered using the Scalibor collars for tick prevention this year for my dogs because they go swimming almost daily in the warm weather and they are actually more economical than the Advantix I have been using up to this point. However, after reading many reviews online about Scalibor, I decided against the collars because they are useless in preventing fleas. Even my vet told me that I would have to use something like Advantage to protect against the fleas and I was unwilling to "double dose" my dogs.

Jan Berger

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