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  1. The hospital where I work now does some incredible stuff with stem cells and PRP therapy. I've seen dogs with partially torn cruciates be treated with stem cells and go on to compete in national level dog sports within 6 months. We are also doing quite a few studies on stem cell therapies. I'll have to find out if any are specifically for joints. Michelle
  2. Hi, My dog Bob had a severely herniated disk in his L/S region. To someone who didn't know him,you may not have even noticed any outward signs - I noticed he was resistant to jumping up in the car and was all of the sudden much more compliant about counter surfing But then at night, I noticed him whimper when he switched positions in his crate. Bob seemed to have a slight limp but it was very hard to determine where it was coming from and it was intermittent at best. This all started during the thick of winter and we had so much snow and ice, I figured he slipped. I am very fortuna
  3. Debbie Collison will be hosting a Jack Knox Clinic May 24-26, 2014 at her farm in Davidsonville, MD. Davidsonville is close to Annapolis and is convenient to DC, MD and VA. This clinic is open to all levels of dogs and features a round pen, medium sized field and big field. This clinic fills quickly. If you need a registration form, feel free to PM me. Michelle
  4. We have a few spots open in the Kathy Knox Sheepherding Clinic here on Victory Farm in Chestertown, MD (Eastern Shore) November 23, 24, 25. All levels are welcome, we have a nice round pen, a medium field, and a big field...If you are interested, please contact me asap. No experience necessary, We'd love to have you join us!! Feel free to share! Contact: Sarah Ruckelshaus: sarah@ruckelshaus.com
  5. Sorry, this study is for dogs that have no history of orthopedic injuries or lameness. If they run another study for affected dogs, I'll be sure to let you know. Michelle Dobbs
  6. If you were at the finals and missed the opportunity to participate in the VOSM Gait4 Analysis demo, here is another chance! On Sunday, October 20 and Sunday, October 27 you can bring your dog to be part of a study that is running. Follow the link to get the details on how to sign up. http://www.vosm.com/racereadyoctober Michelle Dobbs
  7. I am posting results on the Finals Facebook page. Michelle
  8. If you are going to be at the finals, Dr. Sherman Canapp will be there to speak about common injuries and treatment in working dogs on Thursday night. I'm sure he'd be happy to answer questions about stem cell therapy. Michelle
  9. Help spread the word about the finals that are only a little over a week away! Michelle
  10. Adequan is another Novartis product going on long term back order. If you can find it, get it while you can. Michelle
  11. Jack Knox will be in Davidsonville, MD (just outside of Annapolis, MD) May 25, 26, and 27, 2013. Working spots are available, unlimited auditors. For more information, email debbiecollison@verizon.net Michelle Dobbs
  12. I can totally sympathize. Right before a weekend of trials in VA, my dog had broken into my vegetable garden and had herself a nice buffet. She pooped a bunch before the trial, so much so you would have thought she was empty so I decided to run her. Needless to say, she had to stop about 3 times on the fetch for potty breaks. Yes, I am that person. At least the trial host should have a nice garden of zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers on her field this year. I swear by Endosorb. I take a bottle when I'm on the road and if I see loose stool, I give them a couple and they are fine the ne
  13. What strikes me is that whenever anyone mentions meeting Dan King they express how connected they felt to him. He did that. He made you feel like a friend instantly. His kindness and caring overflowed into everyone he met and everything he did. When Dan King's name came up in the running order this weekend, Donald McCaig gave the most moving and touching tribute that I've ever been witness to. It was perfect. He highlighted a man that was a friend to many and a fine steward of this sheepdog community. In front of a crowd of hundreds, Don narrated Dan's last run with his dog, Fann an
  14. Nancy Obernier is about 1/2 hour north of the Paxton-Hill's. She's an open handler and a great instructor. Michelle
  15. Having lost a young dog to Lyme Disease related nephritis, I am a nut about ticks. I don't have any problem with fleas (touch wood) but the ticks can be awful. I've used Preventic for years (probably 9 years) and have not had any problems with my cats. I'm very compliant with the collars and mark them with the date with a sharpie when I put them on. Miraculously, I've not had a dog test positive since I started using them (I really need to not say these things out loud). And this is in an area where ticks are so bad that at the vet hospital where I work, we test positive dogs EVERY DAY.
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