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A couple of clips of my pup, so far I'm really happy with her. I just hope I can be good enough for her.

My friend bred her & has kept her 2 sisters, so it will be cool to watch all 3 progress.



and again a couple of months later (probably too hot to have worked her this long)



hopefully I will take her again in the next week or so. Will be interested to see what she's like now that she has grown up a bit.


Edited, b/c the links didn't work :(

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And, I know this is not sheep, lol, but it's pretty damn cute!


The day we brought her home. I think she thought Pep was a sheep :lol:



With this comes a question...as a baby she was very crouchy on anything that moved, but on sheep she's pretty upright. I'm guessing she will stay upright? (not that it matters, at all, just curious)? Her dam works very low to the ground & sire is on his feet more.

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