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5mos male BC in Florida

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My BFF told me about this dog tonight. My BFF's horse trainer's daughter owns the dog. He is not registered. Supposedly the papers were never sent in on the parents. He is black and white, smooth coat. Crate trained but not house broke. He is locked up all day while she is at work, comes out for a few minutes and then gets locked up again while she goes down to the barn. He is not neutered and she is asking $200. Located in Lakeland FL.


PM me for contact info. I hope someone can get this cute guy and give him some love.




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I may PM you for the contact info. He's adorable!


As for being un-registered, I personally don't see that as a big deal. If you know the owners (even if it's "friend of a friend"), you can at least talk to them about his energy level, temperament and all the things that might make a good agility dog down the line. Wonder if they could send video, so you'd get a sense of his movement, build, etc? All that said, I know it's a long way from FL to WA...


In any case, I'd love to see him out of this home. I'm afraid it sounds like his formative months are being spent in a crate, with probably not a lot of socialization and training. :(

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I know :( When my BFF sent me the pics I was like "OMG I have to save him"! He looked so scared and submissive like he was in trouble :( I know registration isn't everything but I admit I'm a paper snob! LOL I'm the same with my horses and I WON'T buy an un-registered horse. I may ask if she can get some video, cause I agree is ADORABLE! I was just hoping someone was closer to FL than I was ;) that could get him.


Still waiting to hear back from my BFF on contact info.

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Just got off the phone with the owner and it sounds like he has a home as of tomorrow. If that falls thru she will let me know. She owns a sister from a prev litter so he's not totally alone. She described him as being very easy going, a little on the timid side but has a strong interest in watching stock but is afraid of the horses. But he will watch cows pretty intently she said. He's good with kids since she has 2, he doesn't try to herd them but will circle them while they are playing. He sounds like he could be a great dog! I will keep you guys posted!

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