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I've read a lot before in this board and have now registrated.


My name is Doris and I am from Southern Germany - a region between the Lake Constance, the Black Forest and Switzerland.In this region I breed sheep (Waldschafe and Walachenschafe) and Goats (Schwarzwaldschafe)and of course I also have working dogs. Mainly Border Collies but also one Working Kelpie and one Altdeutscher Tiger ( Old German Tiger )from which one assumes that he is an ancestor of the German Koolie (Australia). Two of my Border Collies are FCI registerd ( but from working lines ) , the other ones are ISDS registered and are registered in both clubs. Additional working sheep and goats one of my bitches, Meg, is a Mantrailer, too. Although the Border Collie isn't a typical breed for this kind of work she recently has had her first test with me and she has done it well.


I hope for good conversation here - and if you have a question (my English is not really very good)don't be afraid to ask. I bark but not bite :-)

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General temperament. I have done a lot of reading and even contacted a lady in Germany but the time difference makes it hard to call (das heisst wenn ich dran denke ist es zu spaet! ;) ).

Personal experience. Working style. Have had a bit of a harder time finding clear info on that.

Ps: you must be either up very early or late! :)

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First of all – thank you for your Welcome. (I wanted to write it before but couldn’t find the edit button. At the moment I struggle with the technique and possibilities of this board).


And: I am early up – each day between 3 and 4 o’clock in the morning. Then I read a little in the internet or at newspaper while have coffee – and then I have to supply my dogs, sheep and goats before going to work. …..and after work the same, of course.


Regarding the “Altdeutscher Tiger”:

It is difficult to give general informations about the temperament because this dogs are no breed but a type. In Germany we say: keine Rasse, sondern ein “Schlag”. The temperament differs from dog to dog depending on the bloodline and the parents. There are very sharp dogs and very friendly dogs, very agile dogs and calm dogs. The Tiger in the South are mostly calmer than the Tiger in the North and mostly sharper, too – but as I said you cannot generalize it.


My dogs in the last 30 years came all from parents which was open and friendly enough to strangers if the owner was present. If I should describe the temperament of my own Tiger Dogs I had the years before and my Tiger I currently have I can say that she is a calm dog in the house and has a lot of temperament outside without being nervous or without being crazy. She is really cool and never headless. She has a kind of serious humor and can be a bit stubborn sometimes. Like most of these dogs she is a mirror of the owner.

The working style differs from the working style of a Border Collie. Tiger are tending dogs like the German Shepherd or like some kind of Working Kelpies from Yardlines which means that they work without eye and without style. Tiger flank the flock or stand on points where they have a good overview over their flock and where they can control it. Some of them work with barking but most of them work without barking. Sometimes on big flocks they have to enforce respect from the sheep with a grip but they must never injure a sheep. Only 3 kinds of grips are allowed: the grip in the neck, the grip on the ribs and the grip inside the thighs ( I don’t know the English word for it-we are calling it “Keule”).

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That helps a lot. No wonder I have been a bit confused if they differ so much.

I am familiar with the German Shepherd. One of my girls is from east German herding breeding and I regret never having had the chance to pursue it.


You will figure the board out quickly. Very straight forward. So now we need pictures of your dogs!

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Thanks a lot for your welcome :)


Hey Jenny, ich zehre heute noch von deinen Bildern - es sind noch immer die besten, die ich von Fay habe.


OK, here are coming a few pics for the picture junkies B)


Part one:


Waldschafe (Bavarian Forest Sheep)







Indira and Kelpie "Stumpy Hanna"


















Queen - sadly died 2011



Young ram 4 month old


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Thank you.

The picture of Fay is made by Jenny - username "luc" on this board.


The 2 pictures with Indira and Ronja in the sea was shot with a Canon Eos 1000. I bought this camera a few month ago and I still exercise because this is my first camera which you can really call "camera".


The other pics I scanned from paper photos I made. The old camera I used for them is an old analog camera I bought cheap on a peddlars market. An old scratched no name analog box. You cannot adjust something you only can press the shutter release.

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