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OK, not strictly border collie. But at least several chapters are about my boyfriend - Dudley, a BC and pit bull mix.


But "Hoof Beats and Hummingbirds" by Sandra M. Packard is a wonderful series of essays about, as she puts it, a life time of being outsmarted by 'dumb animals'".


Yeah, she's been my best friend since we were in 6th grade in 1957-8. But she's done some wonderful writing. I swear, when you aren't giggling, you'll be getting misty. Yeah, this is the girl who made me read all the awful dog and horse stories when we were kids. Yeah, the TV shows about Lassie and My Friend Flicker were nothing like the books! I won't even read any of the "All Creatures" books - and DH has to tell me when to leave the room when we watch the shows.


But her book is softer - and she has what we in New England call a wicked sense of humor. It's available through Amazon - printed when you order it.

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