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At last, a durable clip-on light for dog collars

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For Sue and others like me who have their dogs outdoors in the dark, off leash, at times:


Nite Ize Spot Lit clip on light


I've tried a lot of dog collar lights, and most of them don't last very well at all. But this one is holding up to many beach runs and much salt water! I got them at my pet store, Pet People, and also ordered some from Amazon. They cost about $6-$7, which is only a dollar or two more than the little flashing ones that die almost immediately.


This time of year, by the time I get home from work and get the dogs outside for a run, it's pitch dark. I do live by the beach, and there is no one on it at night, so going for a run (dogs not me!) along the beach and playing some fetch, which involves going in the ocean, is great and the dogs love it. But I like them to be visible, so the occasional jogger will see them, and so I can easily see where they are. Even this time of year, they'll run around, get hot, and go sit in the water to cool off. Or wander off to inspect something dead, which I like to know about so I can prevent the next step, which is eating something dead.


Between the Nite Ize clip on lights and my incredibly bright and well-focused police-duty flashlight, which I also highly recommend, I am enjoying our night walks!

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Laura - you have to press them pretty hard to engage the switch - you won't turn them on/off by accident.


Personally I haven't found them to last very long after dips in water, but splashing or rain seems to be ok.

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i have a nite ize light up ball and it's the best one i've found. It bounces, you can replace the battery and you can put it in a chuckit for a rousing game of dumball. it's great, b/c like you, i walk the dogs (especially in the winter) when it's dark already.

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