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Fun Match Prices

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Is it an AKC B-match? In those cases you typically do see the same fees as a regular trial. And, well, AKC trials do charge insane per-run fees.


I've seen fun-runs and matches in this area charge anything from $5 to $10 per run. Usually $5.

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I have never had the opportunity to do a fun match but my club rents a training facilities field a few times a season for 4 hours, they set a couple of nested courses but you can do what you want. The cost used to be $5.00 per dog for members and $8 for non, this year it will be free to members and $10 per dog for non members you usually get 3 maybe 4 runs.

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If it's just an open field (or facility) where you can run, I'd say $25 is steep.


I pay $5 for use of a barn facility with tons of equipment for as long as I want to play. Sometimes there are other people there and we take turns, sometimes I'm alone. The $5 per handler mostly goes towards paying for electricity and maintenance of the surface (dirt/sawdust). If someone hosts a fun match at that facility (happens somewhat frequently), everyone pays the $5 barn use fee.

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