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Summit has just turned 11 weeks and we have had him in the house for 3 weeks. We have been taking him out after playing, meals, water, and every 3 hours through out the night for potty breaks and every time we take him outside and say "potty", he goes. Problem is that he still randomly stops doing what ever he's doing and peeing (in the house) while in front of us. When this happens (about twice a day) we make a loud noise to stop him, say "no" and immediately take him outside to finish. Is this normal and if so....when should he stop. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Better news...He knows his name, sit, down, leave it, and we are working on come (though when his name is called he usually comes running up. Great pup and having a wonderful time with him...just want to make sure I'm doing the house breaking thing correctly.

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It sounds to me like he needs more outside breaks. I would increase the number of trips outside, reward for going outside, and ensure that you clean the spots with a good enzyme cleaner.


Also, I would think that at 11 weeks he may be able to have only 1 potty break a night or even sleep through. Most puppies I have had could hold it through the night if they emptied before bed.

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hmmm, he sounds like he might have a bit of an issue if he is peeing in his crate. Is it big enough for him to get away from the pee or do you have a lot of bedding?


He shouldn't want to pee in his own bed, I would expect him to fuss if he is crated and has to go.


Do you know much about how he was kept before you got him?

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