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  1. No worries on the time line....I meant his general training starts next month and I will wait until the instructor says its good to enroll in the agility course (trainer is also the breeder and competes with her 7 dogs) I just want to keep the little guy occupied and figured WTH, might as well do some pre-training before the formal starts. Games???? What games are good for him. I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks all for the great responses.
  2. General puppy now but ideally want to start him in agility...so basically looking for whatever the experts (and other owners) think are good things to start training him on before formal training (which starts 2nd of Feb. Thanks for all the replies...on a side note, so far he knows his name, sit, down, leave it (unless its the cat) and we are working on come (though he comes when you call his name (most of the time....again cat lol)
  3. Thanks for the response. I'll get him out more....as for night; I left him for 5 hours the other night and he peed in his crate (and emptied before bed).
  4. Summit has just turned 11 weeks and we have had him in the house for 3 weeks. We have been taking him out after playing, meals, water, and every 3 hours through out the night for potty breaks and every time we take him outside and say "potty", he goes. Problem is that he still randomly stops doing what ever he's doing and peeing (in the house) while in front of us. When this happens (about twice a day) we make a loud noise to stop him, say "no" and immediately take him outside to finish. Is this normal and if so....when should he stop. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Better news...He knows his name, sit, down, leave it, and we are working on come (though when his name is called he usually comes running up. Great pup and having a wonderful time with him...just want to make sure I'm doing the house breaking thing correctly.
  5. As promised....the little Hellion. First time in the woods, first bath, and general playing around.
  6. I should be more detailed....Summit knows his name (looks and runs over when called), just not when he's interested in something else....like the cat, etc. lol We have moved to a new issue now that he's 9.5 weeeks old. Biting! No, doesn't work, time outs work for a little while, and now when you try to get him to stop he starts growling and biting harer. Any ideas. He just finished his second set of shots and will be starting obedience training mid January but I don't want to wait that long to fix any issues. Almost forgot, we start retrieval (fetch) training 4 days ago and he's picked it up quickly. We get about 7 throws before he moves on to somthing else (usually the biting game or chasing the cat. pics are downloading now and will be up in a few minutes. Thanks for all the info...great site.
  7. Thanks for the replies and I'll keep working on him. Another quick question...what do you do to tire these little guys out? Currently we work on name recognition, sit, and bringing the ball back while filling the rest of the day with naps, "no" (lol), walks on the lead, playing in the backyard and in the house and he just keeps going and going. Any suggestions would be great.
  8. We have a new pup in the house, 8 week old BC. I've been all over the net and have 100% access to the breeder/trainer but wondering where to start (with training). We've started name recognition and of course potty training but specifically wondering how many times a day the "name" training should be worked on. Thanks in advance and pics will be posted later.
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