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Music video using sheepdog

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It was filmed in Denmark this past Oct. I assume that the dog is owned by the man in the video.

I felt that it was a beautiful piece that shows what the reality of having sheep and a good dog are. I also liked that they used the farmer slipping in the truck.

I have been the situation of trying to move sheep in the pouring rain over flowing water, slipping and so very thankful to have a good dog.

I am glad that people are enjoying the video. When I first saw it I had not realized it was a music video, I just thought it was a beautiful tribute to a good dog.


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I liked it a lot, especially the song. Could have done without the grips, but that's probably just me. Thanks for posting it.


No, not just you. I must have missed some of those the first time I watched it (very slow internet at the moment) but if that were my dog I'd be really unhappy with that sort of biting, and even more unhappy that those shots made it onto the video.


But it's beautifully shot, and lovely to watch apart from the biting.

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It is unfortunate that what makes good video, doesn't necessarily make good stock work. I came here with the notion that what it took to move livestock about was a tough dog who was ready at any moment to put down mutiny with his teeth. It was only after having the rules of trialing explained to me that I came to see that finesse and the power of a dog's eye and a dog's presence were preferable.


But filmmakers want drama, and so they love to see the dog's teeth, along with running, leaping and stroppy sheep. Too many tales, like those of Albert Payson Terhune, wherein the valiant collie saves the day by ripping to ribbons the nostrils of a bull bent on homicide give the impression that this is what stock dogs do every day. The dog who quietly moves his stock by knowing just how much pressure to use is dull footage for the uninformed. I expect that the rock'n'roll crowd especially, would rather see a bit of mayhem than the exercise of measured judgement.


I enjoyed the film as good film making. That it was of a sheepdog at work was a bonus. That he gripped hard and often I saw as the editor's idea of desirable action, given his intended audience. It was meant to entertain, not to inform.

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