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Willow has been some new things lately, is this something you BC's do? If she see's another dog that she wants to meet and play with she crouches down until the dog gets closer and then she pounces, lol. The other thing she does is the "bull". She will kick her back and front legs like a charging bull and kicks grass and dirt everywhere. I think it's funny, she does it constantly now especially after she goes to the bathroom or she wants me to play.

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Completely normal :)


The "bull" behavior sounds like a scent marking behavior. Very cute and not a big deal. You can catch that and put it on cue to "wipe your feet."


If I were you, I'd probably start getting a handle on the "ambush" pounce. It's cute right now, but it could be a problem down the road.

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I agree with kelliepup. The "bull" behavior is your dog spreading her scent after peeing/pooping. A lot of dogs do this. Same thing with the crouching, it is very much a puppy behavior. I would reinforce the idea that she does not get to meet all dogs she encounters on a walk. In a few months you could easily have a dog who barks, whines, spins, jumps and is over excited at the sight of another dog. This is obviously not the ideal way for dogs to greet on leash. Teach her that by being calm she gets to greet other dogs.

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