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Roxie, the rescue, needs to be adopted! (Yes, I know, she's not a BC; read the post...)

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Son: "Dad, the shelter called, they're about to put down this cute little puppy, if I rescue her, will you help me out with the rescue?"


Me: "SURE, son, be glad to!"


(3 hours later)


Son: "Dad! Got her! But, um, er..."


Me: "Spit it out..."


Son: "I forgot to ask my wife if it's ok!" (they haven't been married that long, but they do have 5 dogs...)


Me: "And..."


Son: "Could I stash her at your house, just for a few days?"


Me: (I'm a complete marshmallow and have no sales resistance) "Sure, bring her over!"



6 months later, she's "my" rescue....


...and I need to find her a home. I can't keep up with 4 dogs, not working the hours I've got now (60 hours a week--and 55 is too darn old to be working like this-- doesn't leave me much spare time, and the dogs are suffering as a result--I need to spread my remaining time among my three BC's).



So: Meet Roxie!


She's about 9 months old, we think. She was much smaller when she arrived, but at 33 lbs I think this is about it. No idea about the mix (there isn't any BC in there), but she's playful and friendly and FULL of energy! LOTS of energy (which I don't have--my 3 BC's are energetic enough, but they've adapted to my couch potato ways, and each has her own place on the couch...).


Roxie is a nice little dog. She's had all her shots, spayed, etc. I'll deliver her anywhere in the Continental US (I'm always up for a road trip). My restrictions: adopter must either have a fence or be able to contain her, I'd hate to have worked this hard to have her wind up road kill or back in some other high-kill shelter), and adopter needs to understand that she's got LOTS of energy, LOTS.


If you know ANYBODY looking for a sweet little pet, I'd love to have her adopted. I need the time, and if possible I'd like to rescue another BC at some point.


(if anybody has any guesses on the mix, let's have 'em. I'm stumped.)


email me at malvernhog@yahoo.com or reply on this forum.

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Maybe pointer or lab mix? She's a cutie though. Good Luck finding her a home!


ETA: She's very barrel chested like my boy. There might be some boxer or another bully breed mixed in there

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