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Results from Novice & Pro-Novice Trial

Laura L

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First of all I'd like to thank everyone who entered, there were more people than I expected which was a good thing. Then thanks go to Laura Miles, Janet Henning, Sandi Scott, & Nancy Lindsay who showed up early to help at the setout with sorting sheep. An extra thank you to Laura, Janet & Samantha for spotting and Janet also exhausted all the novice runs. Thank you to everyone who helped set up the course and then change it for pro-novice and back again for novice. Thanks to John Wentz for judging. Rissa Wentz also gets a big thank you for helping me haul the handling system out to the field & for the delicious lunch.


Trial results:

Novice 1, 9 dogs

1. Donna Huntington & Shae 75

2. Hixie Bernardon & Tate 50

3. Bailey Armstrong & Bert 47


Pro-Novice 10 dogs

1. Diana Antlitz & Bryn 66

2. Samantha Jones & Meg 60

3. Wayne Spencer & Rhett 59


Novice 2, 8 dogs

1. Donna Huntington & Shae 76

2. Hixie Bernardon & Tate 68

3. Bailey Armstrong & Bert 63


I'm looking forward to having another trial like this in the spring.


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Thanks Laura and Rissa for hosting a wonderful trial. Great lunch too!

It was nice to be out and about with friends before winter really sets in and we're all stuck indoors.

If you have one in the spring, I'll volunteer to spot again.



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Thanks to Laura and Rissa for hosting the fun trial on Saturday. Rissa, lunch was great!! Thanks to everyone who helped. I was so pleased with the work that my dog did. It was great seeing everyone. I am looking forward to another one in the spring.


Thanks again,


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