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primerflyer.pdfHERDING PRIMER - glossary, terms and concepts


Specifically written for the beginner herding student. It is loaded with descriptive definitions to help the beginner understand what it is they are trying to accomplish with their dog. To go along with the descriptions, the book has many illustrations and photographs to visualize for the beginner what it is they should be seeing.


Here are some of the chapters covered in the book -

Common concepts and terms

Common mistakes while using a cane

Pressure and Release

Confidence and fearful behaviors

Reading body language

Gathering, fetching and driving


8.5" x 11" perfect bound sized book. It has 80+ pages and 2/3rds of them are filled with pictures and illustrations.


This book is not available in stores. Contact Jean for more information - wickeddogs@verizon.net

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Here is her bio form her website http://edenherding.webs.com/aboutus.htm:


Jean Barrett has been working with dogs for over 20 years, and has been involved with herding for 12 years. She became an American Herding Breeds Association Judge in 2006.


In her time working dogs, she has achieved Obedience, Tracking and Agility Titles in AKC, ASCA & UKC competition programs.


In her time herding, she has worked with many different breeds of dogs and has trialed both her own dogs and client dogs. She has achieved Multiple Herding High In Trials, Reserves, Highest Scoring and High Combined Awards. She has two ASCA Working Trial Champions, AKC Herding Advanced titles in sheep and cattle. In AHBA, she has earned many Level III titles on sheep, ducks and cattle. Her dogs have also been on National Merit Award Listings.



Currently, she owns 2 Australian Shepherds and 2 Border Collies.


Figuring the term "herding" is used because it is what would be understood by those that would be interested in purchasing the book

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I have been told by novice and prenovice handlers that Jean's primer book explains the concepts well. I haven't looked at it closely but on a quick glance it was easy to understand with good pictures. She doesn't go into how to train anything, just what the concepts are. I think it is a nice idea for those that have no prior exposure to stock.


She has put her toes in the USBCHA waters and I hope we welcomed her warmly. Her aussie is one of the best aussies i've ever seen, he completed and won a NN course at Amanda Milliken's 80 acre field. She has a 2 year old border collie that she is training and it is coming along nicely.


Beginner concepts for stockmanship are a good idea. When I am training someone completely novice I take care not to gloss over the special terms we use :)



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The OP, worknblu, is the book's author. I really don't appreciate people posting to the Boards for the sole purpose of promoting their products.


There are a lot of books that explain the basics for beginners. Vergil Holland's book, or Bruce Fogt's Lessons from a Stockdog, or Working With a Stockdog by Anna Guthrie (a longtime contributor to these Boards as stockdogranch), just to mention a few examples. If it were me, I would want to know why a book by someone trialing at the Novice/Novice level would be preferable to those written by folks with more experience and demonstrated achievement in the field. I too don't have a problem with the title, though the price seems pretty steep for a primer.


She has put her toes in the USBCHA waters and I hope we welcomed her warmly.


I join in welcoming her warmly to USBCHA-style competition.

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