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BC/Aussie mix in Plymouth, CA needs home

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I've never posted in this section before, so I hope I'm not breaching protocol.


I'm writing on behalf of Suzy Applegate, who has rescued a sweet little BC/Aussie mix girl and is presently caring for her.


"Ziggy" came from a ranch up northern California, near Lookout, below Alturas. She was working stock (probably cows) with the other ranch dogs, but the lady that surrendered her to Suzy said she had wanted Ziggy to gather 400 sheep - despite having no formal training. This former owner was angry because the dog wasn't working like the man from whom she got the dog said, and she was threatening to shoot Ziggy because she got in a lamb pen and bit one on the nose!


Suzy has worked Ziggy on puppy sheep and got her circling around them, but Ziggy has that Aussie chase, with not much sense of balance, yet. She is very keen and fearless, and with training, someone could make something of her. Arena and ranch trials, maybe.


But Suzy would be just as happy to see Ziggy go to a loving pet home. Ziggy is @ 2 years old and very friendly. She is current on all her shots but rabies, which Suzy said she'll get for her. This little dog loves people, likes other dogs and is very out-going. I don't know if she's house-broken, which may go along with her lack of other training, but Suzy just couldn't bear to let her be destroyed for the owner's fault.


If anyone can help, please contact Suzy through her website: http://www.hoofandpawfarms.com/contact.htm


Or feel free to ping me, if you prefer.


Thanks for reading!


~ Gloria







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What a beautiful girl. Any word from Suzy as to whether she found a home?



No worries, a customer of Suzy's gave her a nice home, along side her own Border Collies. Suzy had several folks interested in her and said she is a very sweet dog with "the Aussie happy wiggle butt".

It was nice of Suzy to take her in and nice of Jill to give her a home.

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