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I apoligize if this topic has already been brought up in the past, I searched it and didn't find it, so thought I would share.


About 6 months ago my 9 1/2 years old border collie mix Boots began having some issues on the agility course, he has always been a great directional dog, and has very nice lead changes. Suddenly, he was delaying changing his leads off an arc, although would still change on a straight way, and was delaying changing his hind end. We took him in for radiographs and turned out he had early stages of spondylosis in the lumbar region of his spine. We started him on a low dose of an NSAID and he was basically having good and bad days. We tried acupuncture, which while I felt like he seemed very relaxed after the treatments, that was were the impact of it ended. We have been doing a lot of core building exercises, some swimming, and he was already receiving regular adequan injections as preventitive maintence.


Then about 3 months ago one of the doctors at my practice went to a VOM seminar, so I immediately signed Boots up to give it a try, works for humans so why not try it out on him. I almost immediately noticed a difference in his gate and movement. A few days after the first treatment I went ahead and did some directional work on the flat, not at all figuring that I would see improvement, and he was like his old self again. He is now on a regular schedule of treatments and doing great, he is completely off the NSAID. She has been doing some cold laser therapy along with the VOM, I feel like the VOM is making more of an impact, but that could just be that it's because I can see reactions from him, with the laser there's not much to see. We have a daucschund that is a patient at our clinic who had partial paralysis do to spinal issues, and after his 4th treatment he is up and running like nothing ever happened.


After the great success with Boots she went ahead and did a treatment on my reining horse. We've only done one treatment with him so far, and I haven't noticed a huge difference except in his downward transition to his small slow circles he is holding his frame better and not trying to hollow out. My trainer and I had put this behavior toward him being a lazy gelding b/c he's never shown any soreness or lameness in his life, but maybe there was something there that traditional methods did not catch?!?


Anyway, just thought I would share my positive experience with these treatments. For more info you can go to VOM Tech or if you search canine vom you'll find tons of links.

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