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This is my first post in the training section so here goes! I've been working Sienna(almost 2)consistently for about 3 months now(still in smaller pen). I first had her on sheep about a year ago, but that didn't work out. I love my trainer now, and things are going great. But I wanted some other insight to some issues we're having.


Crashing the sheep - she does this from time to time, especially if she's about to give up the draw. It's gotten a little better over time and I'm wondering how much age has to do with it.


Lying down after the fetch - we've started little outruns, but especially after a few flank/fetches, and I'm backing up, she'll lie down. As if to say "my work is done, what's next?" A little encouragement gets her back on her feet, but I'd rather her just stay there standing.

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