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  1. Ray thanks for your response. I like the idea of waiting and I will definitely try this at our next session. I am in the habit of lying her down before giving flank commands. I know asking her to give this to me is asking a lot, and is definitely compounded by the age/type of dog she is. Maybe we both need to learn some patience? As for the top, distance is definitely an issue. The closer I am, the less she does it. Also, I've noticed it more at places that have a heavier draw and lighter sheep. I think she is definitely 'feeling' it.
  2. Hi - I've had some issues come up with my soon-to-be two yr/old bc. I've been training with her for about a year as much as I can so I'm not sure if lack of frequency is our main problem. Also, it may help you to know she is a very "amp-y" dog and sometimes it takes a lot for me just to get in her head. Anyway, the first issue is sticking at the top of the outrun. She actually didn't start this until I ran her at our first trial back in Oct. It's like the stock starred at her and she froze. I was not able to get her out of it until I made the trip up the field, but lately in training, she now does this. If I catch her starting to slow around 1 or 2 o'clock, I can give her the flank command and that seems to help. But if she comes in at 12 o'clock, she typically creeps really really slow. In this instance, her lifts are actually somewhat nice. I suppose I'd prefer something in the middle. The second issue we're having is her diving in when I ask her let go of the draw. On the fetch, I can get her to release fairly well, but she always seems to come back in around 3 or 9 o'clock. When driving, if the draw is strong enough, let's say to the left, and I ask for an inside right flank, she typically crashes in about 6 o'clock. What I've done so far is flanking her over and over again, around and around the sheep. Not sure if this is helping though. I know some of this may be because she's afraid of losing the sheep, and I know she has a lot of eye. Just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas or if I should attribute most of this to her being a young dog... persistence will prevail?
  3. Hey, it's been a while since I posted, and I even have a new pup! Shame on me for not posting pics yet. Anyway, I'm visiting my folks about 6 hours away, and today I noticed my pup (Meg: 12 weeks, 3rd round vacs) straining to poop. When some did finally come out, it was a bit soft, but she continued to strain afterwards. I spoke with my vet back home, and he said it was probably diarrhea or the onset of it. And that the straining was probably cramps. Shortly after talking to him, I was checking out Meg and noticed some bloody discharge around her vulva. So I took her immediately to my parents vet. They did a urinalysis, and there was definitely blood in the sample. She gave me some antibiotics and said it should clear up. My concern is the straining, have any of you dogs ever exhibited this behavior? She has been acting normal/playful otherwise. Do any of you recommend what to feed her? I was thinking boiled chicken and rice... any other remedies, suggestions or concerns? Thanks!
  4. I was wondering what some of you do to teach your dogs a solid there command. My dog, especially when a little tired, isn't that crisp, but she is more crisp on a whistle (sharp 'twee'). I 'think' she knows what a there is... so how do you teach your there and walk into the sheep?
  5. Sienna has never really like the crate, but she'll go in there (not without some dirty looks first of course ) But when we go to trial, she doesn't seem to have any issue with it. So I've decided to crate her inside, and put it outside when it gets much cooler. I figure that's the safest option, and plus she needs to know crate == home anyways. As for her diarrhea, it cleared up for a day before fasting and then she had another present for me last night when I got home. I started her on some rice and will give her some boiled chicken this evening. If it doesn't clear up by Friday, I'll take her to the vet Saturday. Thanks for everyone's responses!
  6. Everyone has brought up some good points, some I didn't even think about. I don't think anyone would mess with my dog up there nor call SPCA. A doggy door is not an option given the type of door leading to my patio, leaving the door cracked is though. I know my dog, she's not a barker and she's used to being high up. I can tell she knows falling would mean death. I guess I should have been more specific in that I was more worried about the heat and on the extreme paranoid side, fire. I know it's a very slight chance, but I feel she'd be better off being outside in case of one.
  7. The railing is a good 3-4 feet. My old house had a deck about 30+ft up. She won't try to jump over the railing.
  8. Because it's not a sliding glass door, nor a wood door. It's a door with glass panes.
  9. Unfortunately, a doggy door is not an option. It's either inside or out. You bring up a good point regarding barking, but Sienna isn't much of a barker. But I guess I'd never know if I weren't here. Her stool looked ok tonight, I'll skip feeding this evening and see how it goes. Hopefully, I won't have a present waiting for me tomorrow morning.
  10. Yes, the patio is escape/intruder proof, most definitely. I wouldn't consider it if it wasn't. As for the the one below, you'd have to be pretty acrobatic and really want to get on my patio to get up there. You can't even see inside the patio from the ground, the railing is thick and inset 6''. Yeah, boiled chicken/rice seems to be a common thread, I'll give it a whirl. thanks!
  11. Yes, the patio is completely enclosed, and not accessible from any other patio... except well, the one underneath.
  12. I just moved into a new apartment, and besides a current bout of diarrhea, things have been going well. Since Saturday, I've noticed her stools being very loose, and she's had accidents the past two mornings. She's still very active and eating just fine. Should I be worried and take her to the vet? Or is there something I could do at home? Her annual is next week, but I could bump it up if needed. Also, I'm on the 3rd floor and have been leaving her out on the patio, which is rather large for an apartment. It faces north/northeast into a field so it is in the shade most of the day. I come home for lunch almost every day as well. I've been thinking for a while now about leaving her out there during the day, and I'd like to hear anyone's thoughts on this... thanks!
  13. Sienna doesn't like this either, however if I brush her after a game of fetch or other activity, she's fine. Basically, I tire her out a bit then go to town... works for me.
  14. Well good because the CNN article was vague at best.
  15. "disciplined" uh huh... http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/06/11/marine.puppy/index.html
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