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Some old books on collies


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Some random books I came across.


Pg 533 of Modern Practical Farriery (1875) has an essay on the collie, which is interesting.




"In days gone by the collie was regarded as a representative of all that is mean and servile; but within the last ten or twelve years he has been raised above the plebian level, and adopted as a fit companion for lords and ladies of high degree, and has become an essential member of the fashionable establishment, more so as an ornament than for any special services he is expected to render."


"Such work (referring to use of collies as gundogs), however, is taking him from his path of duty, and ought to be discountenanced by any shepherds."


http://www.archive.org/details/practicaltrainin00wick Practical training of the shepherd dog (1891)


"The show collie, being untrained, is losing intelligence, and a good judge can readily distinguish the untrained dog from the intelligent and well-taught, by the fatuous look the idle life of the former develops. The breeding for show alone is having a deteriorating effect on the collie."


The author suggests placing show dogs 'of improved appearance' in the hands of shepherds, and the drafting of clever, good-looking dogs from those shepherds.

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