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Pipedream Farm SDT Running Orders

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We look forward to seeing everyone at the first Pipedream Farm SDT.





Saturday Sept 24th


Handlers' Meeting: 12pm (noon)



Run Handler Dog


1 Nancy Liptak Rom


2 Liz Sharpe Joss


3 Nancy Starkey Soot


4 Sherry Smith Rock


5 Mark Sheldon Tess


6 Cynthia Schmitt Jaff


7 Pam Helton Bonnie


8 Sandy Meilahn Hannah


9 Polly Matzinger Sirius


10 Sylvia King Vic


11 Sharon Nunan Will


12 Sue Asten Jed


13 Sherry Sheldon Tom


14 Sandy Hornung Meg


15 Amanda Winecoff Scott


16 Carla King Sage


17 Doug Brewer Sweep


18 Suzanne Gansky Cap


19 Fran Sharon Liz


20 Lauren Seabolt Mac


21 Janet Harvey Tony


22 Cynthia Schmitt Jill


23 Sandy Meilahn Troy


24 Sandy Hornung Allie


25 Angie Herscher Binx


26 Sherry Smith Queen


27 Sylvia King Dexter


28 Carol Lockhart Gwen


29 Fran Sharon Maid


30 Sharon Nunan Charlie


31 Pam Helton Ellie


32 Sherry Sheldon Chick


33 Nancy Patriarco Anna


34 Sally Glei Lena


35 Walt Zieser Anne


36 Pat Koons Kate








Sunday Sept 25th


Handlers' Meeting: 8am



Run Handler Dog


1 Karen Karkow Jade


2 Peter Hall Doc


3 Suzanne Gansky Roy


4 Deb Mickey Annie


5 Carol Lockhart Gwen


6 Donald McCaig Fly


7 Carla King Emma


8 Robin French Zeke


9 Sherry Sheldon Maddie


10 Doug Brewer Tess


11 Mark Billadeau Nell


21 Barb Klein McKenna


13 Janet Harvey Jess


14 Lori Cunningham Matt


15 Nancy Starkey Maid


16 Nancy Obernier Nick


17 Dan King Swift


18 Renee Billadeau Bette


19 Sherry Smith Rock


20 Peggy Wilkinson Liz


12 Pam Gardner Meg


22 Nancy Starkey Kep


23 Peter Hall Joe


24 Robin French Bill


25 Lori Cunningham William


26 Mark Billadeau Peg


27 Janet Harvey Bett


28 Suzanne Gansky Cap


29 Emily Falk Rae


30 Nancy Obernier Jill


31 Sue Asten Brook


32 Dan King Fann


33 Donald McCaig June


34 Carol Lockhart Edge


35 Sally Glei Sid


36 Walt Zieser Rose


37 Renee Billadeau BJ


38 Pam Gardner Rusty


39 Angie Hersher Rhyme


40 Peggy Wilkinson Quinn


41 Polly Matzinger James

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