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First trip to the dog park

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So in an effort to give Maggie new experiences and more socialization, I took her to the local dog park. She was the largest one in the small dog area but the only puppy and she wasn't too thrilled with all the little yappy dogs running up to smell her. For a while she just layed down on the grass. Gradually she warmed up to being there and began to explore a bit. She slept the entire way home in the car. I don't know if she was more tired physically or mentally! I was surprised that she was so timid since she is not that way at home at all and plays very vigorously with my big dog, Spur. I'm hoping the more often we go, the more comfortable she will become.


Top three silly things said to me: Is she a St. Bernard? Why doesn't she have long hair? When will her ears stand up?


Ugh. Wish there was a park just for Border Collies. :P

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Ugh. Wish there was a park just for Border Collies. :P



Hahah! Maybe not where -you- live. But where I take my dog for her herding lessons, the lady always has about 10 Border Collies there, whether they're being boarded by someone else, or actually owned by her.

I have a video of a few of the dogs(I think five of them?) and my girl, but I think it's upside down.


iphone 386.MOV


ETA; Yep, it's upside down, and I have no idea how to fix it!



Top three questions I get asked;

Q: What's she doing!?

A: Herding....no, not hurting. HERDING. With an E.


Q: What kind of dog is she?


Q: Why does she have brown? Aren't Border Collie's black and white?


Number one dumbest remark I hear, all the time;

"I thought they only did that in the movies..."


Oh, California city people. They only know about their fluffy little poodles, giant Danes, and crazy Retrievers.

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oooh dog parks.


right now they're a sometime treat for Brady; too many bad incidents for me to go there as often as I used too.


But usually people ask me:


1. Border collie and what else?


2. Oh? But he's so little?


3. What's HER name? SHE'S so pretty...


4. Border collie? You know that they need a lot of exercise right?



But my all time FAVORITE "lecture" I got was at Petsmart when the cashier proceeded to let me know how cruel I was as a dog owner because I did not own a farm with AT LEAST ten acres of land and a flock of sheep. I was also completely ignorant because I had no intention at the time to tak stock lessons and my dog was OVER THE TOP in energy because I gave him no outlet (he was in a polite sit stay in the line right next to me while I paid).


gotta love people. :P

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Well, I swore I would never take my dog to one because I thought they were gross, but I've find a nice one that is very clean and seems to have nice people and dogs (ignorant questions notwithstanding).


Today was day three and Maggie was much less timid. Although she doesn't seem all that interested in the other dogs.


Today's dog park pet peeve: People who sit on the ground in the park and then act annoyed when a dog comes up to them.

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