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Hii! Another newbie. :)

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Hi everyone!

Just recently came across this website while browsing some more info on bc! this site has helped me understand quite alot about my pup so thanks!

I am 21 and have a 15 month old bc, benji!

I absoloutly love him to death. don't know what's going to come next with this pup. lol!


got a few wee photo's, not sure if it's going to work or not as im quite new to this.


alana x


post-12640-022356700 1314919813_thumb.jpgpost-12640-054545000 1314920105_thumb.jpg

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Oh goodie! Is it picture sharing time? :lol:


post-12583-039080200 1314921902_thumb.jpg


post-12583-066329500 1314921974_thumb.jpg


With our most recent foster dog, who was adopted just a few days ago;

post-12583-085126000 1314922065_thumb.jpg


"Momma don't leave me!"

post-12583-076069100 1314922631_thumb.jpg


I also have a video of her eating a raw chicken back/rib cage, but I don't think many people would want to see that ;)

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