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Agility lessons Ottawa area -pembroke

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Hi all,


I'm moving to pembroke this week (2hours from Ottawa near Algonquin park-ish) and I'm looking for an instructor. Willing to travel. I'm a first time agility person, with what I think is a promising dog and looking for lots of handling lessons, and specific skills. We have just had our first trial with our second this weekend.


http://www.c4k9.com/ I found this place, 10 minutes from me, and I may take lessons here regardless to become a member And be able to train there in my free time. Anyone here of it?


Any recommendations in the area/Ottawa? Bonus if anyone knows of control unleashed classes, working with a reactive dog.

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I asked my friend that lives up in the Ottawa area and does dog sports. Here's her reply:


"C4K9 is the only place up there that I know of. Pickings are really slim there. It's deep in the heart of the Ottawa Valley and it's hard to find a decent basic obedience class let alone dog sport classes. This place would be my recommendation for something in the area. Otherwise, it's travel the two hours to Ottawa."



Hope that helps!

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