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Yesterday I had a "training moment". Ben, nine year old novice/novice dog, finally really, really "got it" while driving. He never understood holding a line anywhere except on the fetch - until yesterday.


I didn't do anything magic. We've just been plugging away at quietly following the sheep around in the big pasture - for the last YEAR. I thought we were in a rut and I was just keeping Ben's mind active - trying to maintain the status quo on my almost nine year old dog.


Suddenly yesterday he put his head down and just WENT. I tried a couple of flanks and he didn't quit and come back! YAAAAAAAAYYYYYY! Then we took the sheep around our little novice course a couple times - he still has about a 30 yard limit but maybe that isn't forever.


Old dogs CAN learn new tricks. :rolleyes:

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Wonderful! Moments can be magic no matter what the age, etc. Neither my dog(s) nor I will ever "set the world on fire" but every little advance means a lot to me and to them, and I am sure it is the same with you. See you soon!

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