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Little Bo Boop

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I can not believe what a great livestock guardian my big Paint/Percheron horse has turned out to be. We have a large population of coyotes all around my place, but I've never had one come into my pasture. Late yesterday afternoon, I happened to glance out the window, and saw the sheep headed back single file, at a pretty good clip, and Hudson was trailing right behind them (almost looked like he was driving them) It looked rather odd, so I kept watching. Hudson drove them back to the barn, where my other paint horse was, then he turned around, started staring back at the far pasture, then very purposefully marched back to the other pasture. I kept trying to see what he was looking at, but couldn't see anything..finally as he got up near the fence, I saw two stray dogs sniffing around in front of the fence. I don;t think they noticed Huddy, and as they got closer to the fence, he ran up to it and stomped his feet at them, those dogs ran for the hills LOL Hudson looked very proud of himself (and I had a huge smile on my face ;-) ) then after a bit he came back to the barn and hung out with his little sheep buddies :-) It was a pretty neat thing to watch, I have to say.



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