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Charlie's estimated age.

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Hi everyone.


New guy here. :)




Last Christmas this cute little fellow paid me a visit on our farm. He was in bad shape and must have dwelled in the wild for weeks without much food. I assumed him either lost his way from home or he had a very insensitive owner and decided to hit the road in search of a better home.

So we adopted the guy and named him Charlie. We took him to see the local vet and provided food and nurtured him back to health, although he still has some psychological issues, like separation anxiety and he is afraid to go out of our yard.




Now, just out of pure curiosity, I wondered whether anyone could tell me what age he is now. I have, here, a picture where you can compare him to our English Cocker Spaniel bitch, whose actually an old lady (about 9 years or so). Charlie is still a bit on the sleek side and weighs 14kg (or 31lbs).


I estimated him at about 7 or 8 months.

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I'm not good at ages - dogs or people. I'd have said between 1 and 2 years. What does the vet say?


Gee, he looks like a hairier version of Fergie when she was young. She turned 15 in December. Her face is whiter every day. Then again, so is my hair.

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Welcome! He's very cute (and lucky to have found a new home!).


Did the vet have a suggestion? Typically all we can really go by is their teeth. Even that is sometimes difficult once they have all of their adult teeth -- At the shelter, we've gotten in some dogs with sparkling white teeth that we aged at 1-2 years, only to find out that they were six when redeemed! It's always a guess, based on what we see in front of us.


When I adopted Secret from rescue they guessed her to be around 12 weeks old. We were at a vet visit a couple months later for more shots and I noticed my vet was spending an extra amount of time looking in her mouth. He asked me how old we thought she was -- I said, "she just turned 5 months." He said, "Uhh, I don't think so." According to her teeth, she was more like 6 1/2 months! The puppies must have been in such poor shape when they were dumped at the shelter that they appeared stunted/younger than they actually were.

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Your vet didn't give you an estimate? It's virtually impossible to guess age just based on size or comparison with another breed. You vet could look at his teeth and give you a pretty good estimate of his age.


He's cute!




How embarrassing. I didn't even think of asking our vet. I'll do it next time I take the spaniel to the vet (she needs to undergo an ovariohysterectomy soon... poor girl).

And thanks for the feedback guys.

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