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American Lambs by T Martino Yamamoto

Gloria Atwater

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"I wake up to the sun peeking behind the tall firs into our bedroom window. A little breeze wraps around my legs as I go get firewood.


My Pete makes coffee, and then eats breakfast: lamb chops, goat milk in my coffee, nothing in his. He goes out to do his wildlife chores.


I pull on my tall boots; the mud is deep next to the barn. The dogs know exactly what time to meet me at the door to go out and start feeding.


The little black pup, Sweep the Broom, whines a bit as he knows he isn't allowed to go down to stock yet."


So begins the journey that T Martino Yamamoto takes readers on, in her book of prose and poetry, "American Lambs." T is, if folks are not aware, our very own "Tea," on these boards.


Thoughtful, poignant and warmly humorous by turns, this little volume is a gem I'm pleased to have in my little library. In sparing, perfectly-chosen words, Tea knows how to touch our hearts, warm our souls and make us chuckle fondly. She knows, too, how to gently, keenly bring tears to our eyes and make us think deep thoughts: about life, about the land, about our dogs and animals and our relationships with them.


If you have not picked up this book yet, I recommend that you do. It's short enough to read in one long, leisurely sitting, and dense enough to take small bites out of, savoring each chapter and verse. I keep my copy in my downstairs guest room, where I can more easily share with the travelers in my life.


I hope you'll take a little detour into Tea's words, as well. It's worth the time and worth the minor cost. You can purchase your copy here:



Respectfully submitted,



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Dear Farm Dreamers and Wouldbe Shepherds,


Tea Yamamoto's prose poems about her shepherding life on an island in (I presume) Puget Sound gave me so much pleasure I got misty eyed. She writes a strong sentence, actually sees her sheep, goats, horses and dogs and has a good heart. Can't ask for better than that.


Donald McCaig

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