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what breed of sheep?

Liz P

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They look like they have nice fleece on them.



These are hungarian sheep.


The German word for them is : Ungarisches Zackelschaf



Maybe i find a picture. A man, near to my home, breeds them




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Thank you! I spent hours online last night trying to figure out the breed.


I would think a turn table for trimming feet is a wise investment if you have this type of sheep. ;)


I've been working goats with big horns on a friend's farm quite a bit this year. They really haven't been a problem.

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I was struck by the resemblance of these Rakka sheep to the Markhor goat, which has very similar horns.


This led me to wonder if sheep and goats could be cross-fertile and if they were, if their offspring would be fertile.


To my surprise, the answer was not usually, but sometimes yes. There's an interesting Wikipedia article about it here:




I wonder if there is a Markhor in the woodpile of these Rakka sheep - way back when... They do both come from similar parts of the globe.

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