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  1. This is flying Hattrik by Jenni very stylish Jenni with Alun Jones Christine P.s.: Jenni, you´re allowed to go for 2, 4, or 6 years zu the USA - but definitely NOT for the rest of your life!
  2. hi Jenni !!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to meet you here! but.... You can't leave Germany! I need you here to join more Clinics with Alun. (Jenni is a very nice "Girl" and a very Good organizer) Hope to See you soon Christine and Schrubber ( the Nickname, Jenni gave to Lone )
  3. Ruhe sanft, liebe Kati Stille Grüße Christine
  4. I am one of the lucky persons who has seen this live. It was unbelievable. What a great dog and what a handler ! Christine
  5. Hi Julie, thank you - Lone is doing quite well - its me who needs more education. Next weekend we join a clinic of John Jones (Wales) He comes to Germany for three days, and i hope I will make the same steps forward as Lone did. Christine
  6. Hey, i found a really interesting site in the world wide web: Facts about Paul Turnbulls Blue Kind regards Christine
  7. Oh thank you so much for giving me a big grin in the morning with this cute puppy and the new vocabulary "Lone-ish" :D :D I hope this little Sweetie gets a good home soon. Lots of Greetings from Germany Christine and the lone-ish Lone By the way: I found a "real" brother of Lone! This is Sam. He lives in the Netherlands.
  8. More Pics of the Scrimgeour Clinic in Poland Won´t forget these days ... Christine
  9. It´s really funny - Lucy and Bonnie look so similar I showed the pics to my husband and he asked, why did this woman herd with our Lucy ? Is this a special part of Dereks training secrets ? Here are "a few" pics of my friend Jeanny Derek Srimgeour clinic in Poland. Fotos by Virginia Blüggel Christine
  10. Here is the place where the trial took place. I wish could have a place like that at home... Christine
  11. Oh, i´m also glad your Blueberry bushes are not frozen and all things turned to a good end. I found some pics on my camera about the clinic: Derek and Maja Derek, Maja, talented Bonnie and talented Puppie Natalia from Majas Picture Me (the quiet sheep) in Poland on May!!!!! 3rd, 2011 Christine
  12. Hi Maja, Thank you very much for all, for the invitation, and all the organisation you did, to make this stay in Poland for me, my husband an Jeanny unforgettable. We really enjoyed each minute and do not want to miss one. Even the snowy day in may ! It was really nice to meet you - now i know for sure - i can trust my stomach in the future, which told me before this clinic, that i will meet very nice people in Poland. The Clinic was outstanding !!!!! Derek is such a great trainer (and by the way he and his wife are a very nice couple). It was so great to listen to a
  13. But Bonnie has definetly more talent and the better voice Maybe they can do a duet in a few months ? Greetings Christine
  14. Welcome in the club of the singing dogs ;-) Lucy also started at the age of 8-9 weeks, and so i put a command on it. When we sing: happy birthday, lucy joins in at "to you" Since 6 years now, it makes me smile daily Greetings Christine
  15. I own miniature goats. In the last five years they made me at least 10 years older. Then we builded Alcatraz for goats - since then, i don´t need the heart pills any longer. Greetings Christine P.S. : I love them anyway
  16. Hello, unfortunately not the best pics... but a Racka lamb its mother its father Christine
  17. P.S. Found a translation Racka Sheep
  18. These are hungarian sheep. The German word for them is : Ungarisches Zackelschaf Maybe i find a picture. A man, near to my home, breeds them Greetings Christine
  19. Very good idea. Even i understand herding now Greetings from Christine
  20. Hello Eileen, normally - i use Internet explorer - but this i write in Mozilla Firefox - and happy me - now i can see I´m going to find out (or let my husband find out) why i have a complete different page with the ie - until then i use Mozilla. Thank you all very much for taking my problem serious. I like this board ! Christine
  21. Hello Eileen, thank you very much for your answer Unfortunately i can´t see any of the dropdown menues. And the field with the emotiocons is empty. I wish i could show you a screenshot - but no chance. @John Lloyd Jones I´m not aware, that i turned Javascript off. In fact, i´m more a user than a Computer Specialist - and my husband has strictly forbidden me to install or deinstall anything. ;-) How can i see - if Javascript is on or off ? Thank you very much Christine
  22. Hello and sorry for this post - but i can´t show any pics anymore. The same with links, or underline words...make them fat, etc. - all these possibilities are not shown anymore. I see, that something changed - and i can see the "i- help with attaching files" But this doesn´t work for me. Hm ? Where´s my mistake ? Can anybody help me ? Thank you very much Christine
  23. A swiss Handler (Urs Imhof) won the European Championship this year in August (in Liglet, France) And last year the European Championship was held in Switzerland. Greetings from Christine
  24. Hey neighbor, Yes. I know a lots of Hybecks. They are all very talented. Jim is a really good studdog. He inherits a lot of important good things,his friendly nature and a very good trainability, for example. Indeed he has in his pedigree a bearded Border Collie. In Lones Mother line, also third generation, there was Paul Turnbulls Blue. A "real" Bearded Collie. Greetings Christine
  25. I dit it! The day before yesterday i sent some photos of Lone - and today she´s in. The Border Collie Museum Christine
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