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My dog is the epitome of efficiency

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We were out at a big field working sheep today and I was doing a couple of big (for my dog) out runs. The sheep are set (Couldn't tell you how far... I'm distance-gauging-challenged. Rare genetic condition) and I send Soda out and she starts to stick her head in gopher holes. So I call her back, talk to her about why that's not okay, and send her out again.


She beelines straight down the middle of the field. I mean, straight. It was a perfect line towards the sheep.


I'm freaking out, thinking "What the heck, dog? Really? REALLY?" She hasn't done this in a long time and even then, she never ran THAT straight at them. Then, like magic, about half way down the field (okay, maybe not magic but with me screaming AH- WAY! AH-WAY!), before the sheep have begun to move, she moves out into a nice flank and comes up behind the sheep for good lift and... well, we won't talk about the fetch but they made it to me--albeit really really really fast.


See, the way I figure it, Soda just realized that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line so what's the sense in wasting all that energy sweeping a field in a big lovely arching outrun for 4 or 5 sheep? So, she went straight to save some time and energy and bent out when it really mattered. ;)


Soda says she's happy to share her new process with any interested "efficiency minded" border collies.


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