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I am in awe of my dog tonight


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I have a new flock of Muskovy ducks. Young adults, not friendly and about dusk I noticed they were unwilling to go in the henhouse. They were milling around about 50ft from the henhouse.

The ducks could walk on the surface of the snow but Bounce and I could only flounder about.

With goats, Bounce always tried to grip the goats and make them stop. Now that we have sheep, Bounce will move behind them and push them forward and leap out and challenge anyone that tries to break formation.

I sent Bounce out behind the ducks and he brought them towards me. If he moved forward too quickly, the chosen duck would fly away and we'd have to start over.He grasped this very quickly.

We have alot of obstacles (trees, boat, camper...)and Bounce Understood the concept of "go Around" He'd bring the duck to me, close in to 6 feet, and then circle an obstacle to cut off the escape route. I got each unwilling duck picked up and put away. Any other dog in my house would have just run those ducks around.

It was wonderful watching my dog doing the work his parents did before him. I have no idea how to "train" a sheepdog. Bounce just knows what I need him to do. I never got this kind of thrill from doing agility.

Don't let the AKC, backyard breeders, whoever take this amazing talent out of these dogs.Its dawning on me how much I rely on Bounce (and Tex) to help me do the chores. I'm in awe, he's not just biddable, Bounce is a very smart dog.

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Great story, Bounce!


I, too know practicly nothing about training a dog, but Missy accompanies me on chore rounds. She will go through the underbrush in the chicken yard and bring the chickens to the coop. She will hold ewes when we do vacinating, hoof triming etc. I can medicate lambs without having to chase them round and round to catch them.


Every time she helps me I am in awe of her. I can do chores with her help that it would takes 3 people to accomplish otherwise.


Once you've tasted the real thing you begin to realize just how amazing these dogs are.

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I love to read this! That's what the conformation and sport people don't understand. Yes, training is important and can do a lot, but the ability has got to be there in the dog. If it's not, you can't put it there. If it is, you get something like Bounce -- a useful dog who can help a farmer out even if s/he's not a dog trainer.

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