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Dogs don't understand basic concepts like moving

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Someone posted that link last week, and I laughed so hard I cried and scared my dog.


My favorite part is:


"Sounds! U R Making Sounds! Me too! We R Sound Making Buddies!"


"Boop boop boop!"


I actually sent that woman $5. She should most definitely be paid well for her comedic talents.



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Yeah. One could make an argument that the Internet hasn't been great for humanity (cyberbullying, sock puppets, porn accessible to children). BUT... the thing about it that has been a great gift is the ability of a single talented individual to find an audience and earn a living without needing the backing of a record company, publisher, etc.. Allie's blog is one of the best examples of that - her peculiar talent aligned with her unique sense of humor. ::Sigh::



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