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Brodie's very good day!


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Some of you know that Brodie has had his issues with other dogs...we've been working a bit on this now and again, patiently, not pushing too hard. He's been playing on a regular basis with his younger half sister and he's started his herding lessons, which have taught him that one works sheep, not dogs, and last week we walked into the feed store and out ambled the owner's Cocker Spaniel...I thought uh-oh but they sniffed noses, tails wagging and I thought...hmmnnn....great progress here!!! Giant steps!!!!


Saturday I received an email that the local Karen Pyror training clinic is having a free clicker training session as part of their students work --- 1) I didn't know that there WAS a Karen Pyror training clinic anywhere within 100 miles of me! and 2) if I'd turned left instead of right on my way to the ACK center, it was just down the street! Brodie and I quickly signed up for the free lesson and we explained that he might be reactive.


Brodie was the perfect gentleman! He knew about click and treat but he had no idea there was so much chicken in the world! He didn't mind the other dogs at all unless it was moving toward him -- we knew that was the basic problem so we worked on hand targeting for that and will continue to do so, but he went in there far more relaxed than he was this spring and we came out much more prepared. And he was SOOOO happy. He loved everybody (As he always does) but the important thing was that he was so very relaxed around all the other dogs as long as they weren't coming straight at him. He absolutely didn't care about them. We'll go back for a regular class after the new year and keep working on the one directional problem. I'm so happy for Brodie!


My goal is to make sure that he is comfortable around other dogs at trials.



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Liz, I am so happy for you and Brodie. Isn't it great when you see results of your efforts?


Brodie did all the work....the stock work really made all the difference for him. I was hoping that it would and just waited him out. He's understanding that there are sheep and there are dogs.... a fine distinction.

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