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Free BAER Clinic at Rural Hill SDT

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If there is one at a trial I can get to, I'll bring Megan. Of course, my options are fairly limited.


I had (hope I still have) the results of her normal test from when she was about two years old, and the results of her test last winter, and would be happy to get and ship a sample (blood or cheek swab) if that would be useful.


Thanks for the info!

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Please contact the folks at the deafness study office, and they will send you a DNA collection kit. Here is the info:


Van Andel Research Institute

c/o Elissa Boguslawski

333 Bostwick Ave NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503


email: Elissa.Boguslawski@vai.org



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I can do that, Nancy - thank you!


I have the original email that had the test results for Celt (no apparent deafness now) and Megan (deaf now) from 2005, when both tested normal - but the attachment with the BAER test results is gone no longer there (we forwarded the email to our current address).


I will try and see if I can find current contact information to see if those graphs are still available. Theresa Chu did the testing and was part of the research team for that study.

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