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trialing possibilities?


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I'm probably waaay ahead of myself right now, but I'll ask my question anyway.


My BC is a shelter dog. We just started herding this weekend and since she is showing some ability (see my post in the General area) we'll be training this winter.


Right now this is just for fun, but if in the future I want to trial I was wondering what the registration requirements are. I noticed that ABCA has a registration by merit which is quite detailed and extensive, but seems to be the only way to register a dog of unknown pedigree.


Do you have to be registered to trial? If so, do all organizations that hold trials require this or not? If only some require registration, which ones do not? Is there another registry that allows dogs of unknown parentage?


Thanks in advance.

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Awesome and good to hear....I'm so used to dog sports that not having to have a dog registered in some manner is foreign. Guess I should get used to it since I'm already well on my way to being addicted to herding lol.

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Check with your local handler's club. While it's true that no registration for the dog is required to run in USBCHA trials, sometimes there are year-end awards and regional championships that are only available to handlers that are members of the awarding association.


This has no bearing on your question about an unregistered dog, however. I used to run a backyard bred female with no papers and no way to ever get them. We could have done anything if, well, I could have ever gotten her out of Novice-novice. :rolleyes:


Good luck and happy training!

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The USBCHA has no rules that require that your dog be registered. I know this for a fact, since my Tess ran in the 2001 Nursery Nationals as an unregistered dog. However, you must be a member.


I encountered no snobbery from any of the ABCA or USBCHA folks on my dog. A few of them watched her run since I was trying to Register On Merit. I used to run in another venue (whose name won't be mentioned)with another dog - long since retired and they had snobbiest, nastiest people when I ran in their trials.


Yes, Tess's ROM was long and extensive but well worth it. Tess earned her papers and her sheep farm. Yes, she got a sheep farm for her 2nd birthday. This yr she got a newer Dodge PU to travel in style!!


Run your dog, meet the people and your life will never be the same. In the world of USBCHA and ABCA, it opened my eyes to what these dogs are all about.


Next thing you know, you will get another dog, and then another dog, then a bigger truck, then a farm, then asking time off for trials, then asking time off for nationals....:rolleyes:


You'll meet new friends on these boards and then join up with them at a trial, exchange stories and wonder "what was life like before this?"




Not anymore, keep going herding with your dog. You'll soon love it as much as I do!!


Diane Pagel &

Shiro, Tess, Koko, Bonnie, Zot, Mick, Kane, Becca, Dodge, Faye, Trey <<<<----I started with one dog 11.5 yrs ago.....

80 sheep <<---but who is counting!!

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