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Joe Evans (jevans@geeseoff.com) posted on Sheepdog-L that he has a few National Finals programs:


I believe this year's National Finals program will become a collector's item.

Penny Tose wrote a seminal piece on the history of sheepdog trialing in North

America. It contained hitherto unpublished facts and information.

Also included were the pedigrees of all dogs in the competition, running orders

for the qualifying rounds and a lovely pictorial essay by Maureen Robinson.

I have a few programs left. If you want a copy you should contact me off list

to organise payment and shipment. The cover charge is just $5. We will bear

the cost of postage within mainland US and Canada.

Joe Evans

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This year's program was, indeed, outstandingly packed with great information.


Penny, your article is very informative and enjoyable. I can hardly imagine the research you had to do to write that. Thank you!


Anyone who is interested in sheepdogs/stockdogs and doesn't have a program would find it very worthwhile for the $5 they are asking. Penny's article, other good information, and the information for each dog that includes the owner, breeder, sire and dam.


Joe did an excellent job producing this, and it would be a worthwhile purchase at twice the price. Thanks, Joe!

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Thanks for the cross post from Sheepdog-L. I will be sending my check off Monday for one - sounds like a very good thing to have, especially for a newbie like myself! :rolleyes:

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Ome great thing about the finals programs is the list of sire and dam for each competing dog. I get one every year and refer back to them over time.


I use them, as well. If I ran the zoo, I'd add the full 150 list to make comparing who went and who didn't easier. I always mean to print the whole thing every year, then shine it on. The list makes a difference because the Finals move.



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