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Driving away.....;-)

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Hi all,


I just came in from working my dogs.....and am still on cloud nine.


Been working my 2 yr old "Mick" on driving and he is a dream...just line the sheep up and he drives away.....we did some crossdriving and it was a wonderful......and he just wants to please...once he figured out that I wanted him to drive, it was "Ok, I got the program...I'll just drive them up to Canada"


He also did a huge outrun....I had the sheep set at about 250 yds and then bent down to tie my shoe. I looked at Mick next to me and sent him and then looked up at the sheep....much to my dismay they had bolted and were 400 plus yards away.......Mick kicked out and got them.


Today was one of those days....I was and still am on cloud nine.


Mick, on the other hand, is happily chewing his treat.



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I just love those days! tehehehe little story on me tonight...everyone just left and it was like 7 Oclock and Mark had brought Gabby back to me as she has a hip that isnt the greatest, but anyway, I hadnt worked her in like 6 weeks since she left....ANYWAY, my intention was to just go let the dogs out of their crates and bring them in and feed them...so I walk out in my teeshirt and underwear...I ended up working gabby for a half hour in my house shoes and underwear...LOL good damn thing I live WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY off the road. You just cant help yourself sometimes! Guess I better send more dogs out to be professionally trained eh? She did fantastic!

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I just don't know how to respond....


:cool: Thanks for the training complement




:eek: Thanks for the image you put in my mind.




:rolleyes: Gabby, I'll miss you.




P.S. Renee wanted me to tell you...."Oh, didn't you know Gabby always works best when you're in just your underwear."

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You know, that is gonna be a bit hard to transfer the whole underwear thing to the trial field...geez, you arent allowed to swear, you get DQ'd...hell if I go to the post looking like I did last night I will get kicked out of the whole asssociation!


Uh ohhhh Crash in the kitchen and Steve yelling...Libby just ate a plate of sausage...time to go!

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I got dared to wear a dress to the post one day.....so I did......it was a super short, black dress. I had to leave the trial to go to a wedding and the guys gave me hell about it and they dared me to wear it on Sunday...so I did.....


maybe I'll post it......someday

Diane Pagel

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