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I am thinking about putting Bess in "camp" on Wednesdays, because I want to take a class in the morning and work in the afternoon. This would be a very long lonely day for her at home.

There is a Camp Bow Wow near where I want to take the classes, and near where my spouse works.

Anyone have experience with this chain of dog daycare? good bad... let me have it! Thanks.

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I have only had wonderful experiences with Camp Bow Wow. I like that the dogs have to pass an "interview" and I have found the employees to be very dog-saavy and seem to enjoy their charges' individual personalities. I did butt heads with them about Jack's one-year Kennel Cough vaccination but we were able to resolve it to everyone's satisfaction. I have boarded him there twice and he has done very well.


Sending you a PM.

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