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Anyone from So. Cali?


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I currently live in S. Cali in the LA county region... (San Gabriel Valley) if anyone lives in my area do you happen to know any agility classes? My Lynus is now 16 months now so i would love to start agility but i cant seem to find any classes!



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I live in So. Calif also. I live in the High Desert, Hesperia, and was having a terrible time finding the right trainer. We have a local dog club up here but the training leaves much to be desired. I tried it there, not a good thing. Then I found a man in Norco, so took a course from him, that only lasted 5 weeks. He didn't actually teach ground work, only obstacles. But it lit a fire in me and then I went on a search to find someone to help me learn ground work/handling etc. I found a gal, but I was soooooooooo bored in her class had to move on. I am now training with a great man that is patient, kind to the dogs, and really works with me. He is also in Norco, so would be a great drive for you. I go weekly and the class is pretty private, with only 2 of us in the class. My classmate has 3 sisters to my girl. He also lives up here in the High Desert, so we drive together, which works out great for us. I hope you can find someone closer to your locale so you can have a great adventure with Agility. If you want more information on my trainer, I would be more then happy to share that with you. Gosh, last week our class lasted 3 hours. We did both Obedience and Agility. It was awesome, and my sweet girl slept the rest of the day she was so worn out!

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