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  1. I won't come back here for reasons you mentioned, but I will say this. I did take my 4 year old, Chi-Ann to herding training. I will NOT allow anyone to hit any of my dogs to train them. I cannot understand that type of training with any animal. It is definitely NOT necessary and many of us have successfully trained our dogs with positive training methods. And, are your dogs tested for health issues like hips, eyes, etc? I am sure you have no clue what your dogs are carrying in their genes. Dogs that are bred to show, not only in the breed ring, but also for all other aspects of their abilities, should be bred for temperament, and physical wellness as well as aptitude to do the job intended for them. You have to get your dogs from a breeder somewhere. What are they breeding for? Money or the betterment of the breed. That is one thing I breed for, the betterment of the breed, all aspects of it. You people have no clue what your are talking about, and I will leave it at that. You need to read about health issues prevalent to the Border Collie and then you can talk about what is right or wrong. Goodbye to this board, I am glad I found out what you people are all about, and it isn't about the well being of the Border Collie breed.
  2. Congratulations on the CGC! Just so you know, conformation showing isn't something that gets congratulated or supported on these boards. That is just fine with me, but I do both confirmation as well as obedience, and agility as well as confirmation. I have been showing in confirmation for over 30 years, so it is natural for me to post that as well. I find absolutely nothing wrong with that part of competition. My breed girl gets the finest care and does play at agility, disc dog and obedience also. I know some of the top obedience dogs in CA that show in both as well.
  3. I haven't been on here in quite awhile, but thought I would drop on in and catch up with you all! I have a brag on my two puppies. I have a 6 month old female that I am showing in breed. Took her and my 8 month old boy to a fun match a couple of weekends ago. My little girl won the breed and the herding group. My boy got his CGC that day as well. It was a total surprise that he would pass as he has only had 2 obedience classes. Well, what can I say, he is a BC!
  4. I tried to post this on the Over Vaccination topic but it is locked so could not. This is what Jean Dodds says about Boretella: Boretella (Intranasal) (killed) Only recommended 3 days prior to boarding when required. Protects against 2 of the possible 8 causes of kennel cough. Duration of immunity 6 months. I also use her protocol on giving shots. I believe the vets want us to over vaccinate out dogs and this is why there are so many problems with our dogs.
  5. Clean run also sells them: http://www.cleanrun.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&product_id=1191&ParentCat=307&string=clip%20and%20go%20jump%20cups They are $14.95 per pair with a discount of $2 for additional pairs. I have purchased the singles on EBay pretty cheap. But next time I will purchase the strips as that would make adjustments easier.
  6. Shysheperdess, I agree with you 100% about AMS. I have seen many of her students in the ring and their dogs work happy and consistently. I don't know what these people on here have heard or seen but I can't believe you can get a dog to work the way these dogs work and have been beat with a crop. That is ridiculous. I have been watching Bridget's DVD's and she is such a kick. She sure does like her dogs "up". They are quite something to watch. She does a lot of Jackpotting, and encourages them to think for themselves. I have never seen this kind of training before. I tried it with my BC and so far, she likes it lots. I will just take what I learn and use it along with the other trainers I am currently studying. I have a man that will work with me about 40 minutes away, which is no big deal for me at all. He is really good, but I am not sure he has done a lot with Obedience. I did try to train with another lady in the same local, but after seeing her at a show and being in a class with her, no, she wasn't for me at all. Her dogs are not consistent and she is definitely not a people trainer. The only trainer I know of is about a 2 hour drive away and very very expensive. But, her dogs work amazingly great, and she is another AMS student. She has a great reputation down here in So. CA. Maybe when I get up to a cerain level I can seek out her advice, but I am not ready for that at this time. I just have to get off my butt, and out in the freezing cold, and work my girl. I want to get her familiar with the obstacles of obedience. Bridget said she never runs a course with any of her dogs until she gets to a show. That is the only time she runs an obedience routine with them. She trains one part at a time and does not put it all together until showtime. Interesting concept. It sure does work for her. Audrey
  7. I guess I am a DVD junkie, but I did order Bridget Carlsen's new DVD's and I watched the first one last night. She is awesome! I see why her dogs are so "up" in the ring, they are like that all of the time. She certainly keeps them happy and excited. I can't wait to start to train with her methods of getting them so happy. She is totally different then any of the trainers I have taken classes with. The people here are way too serious and the dogs are not having fun and are certainly not happy to work for their people. This is going to be a very fun ride. Now, I will get into Obedience as this is what it should be all about, FUN!
  8. That is very unfortunate about AMS. I don't know her, just know of her training and many top trainers here in So. Calif. have been trained with her methods and are the very top winning Obedience dogs. It would break my heart to know that she used such a violent method on a dog, for whatever the reason. I had never heard of her doing such things, but anything is possible. Sad isn't it? Hearing stuff like this makes me sick. Our dogs are with us for such a short time, why would anyone beat them for any reason? I hope it isn't true, but if it is, I feel that it will come back at her sooner or later. Happy New Year everyone. See you next year!
  9. Shysheperdess, you are absolutely correct. I was just trying to get some feedback from people that have attended Connie's seminars and also, Janice Gunn and Bridget Carlsen. I have seen, in person, a woman and her BC at a local fun match, that had been trained by both Connie and Ann Marie Silverton. I had never, and I mean NEVER, seen a dog so well trained and so happy to be working with it's owner. I was totally impressed with the training technique used. So, I had inquired about who trained that dog and then found Ann Marie and Connie. I agree completely, that you have to use what you feel comfortable with and what works for you and your companion. I, unfortunately, have a very abnormal relationship with my BC. She, to me, is a human with some fur on her body! She is my very best friend and the love of my life and very spoiled. We train but when the fun is gone, we quit for the day. So, there are some methods I will not use to get her to do the exercises. I work through the problem and try another method until we get it. I will give you an example of this: We were having many problems with the teeter, so I built one for home and started on the lowest rung possible. After conquering that, we raised it and finally, after about only 1 week, had it up to the proper height. Now she flies over the teeter. That is my method of training and it works for us. I do not like to force her to do things she is afraid of, and I am in no hurry to compete in any of the venues, so if it takes a bit longer, fine with me. I want her confident and happy. I guess that is why, you are so right to use what works for you and your dog. I have enjoyed reading through all of these posts, so thank you all for your comments. Audrey
  10. Gee, I never looked at them as expensive coasters, but I guess I will have to begin to see them in that light!
  11. Oh, I really enjoyed watching those Videos. I had never seen her compete in Agility before. I really like her and the way she trains her dogs. Yes, you are right, she has a great relationship with her dogs. She starts them really young. Had I known then what I now know, I would have done that too. One more person I am curious about, Janice Gunn. Anyone know of her training methods? I also have her DVD's, can you tell I am a DVD nut? I haven't watched them for quite a while. I need to sit and watch these again. I think I need to just work my dog instead of collecting all of these training DVD's, don't you? Audrey
  12. I have one more question about a trainer. Anyone know of Bridget Carlsen? I have watched her videos on her website and like what I see. She has a set of DVD's but I have emailed her and she told me they were motivational. Everything I have read about people that have attended her seminars is very positive, so I am not sure whether I want to invest in yet another DVD set. Any thoughts on this? I guess I need inspiration and well as instruction. Thanks again, Audrey
  13. Thank you so much for your reply. I know exactly what you mean about no one trainer has all of the answers. Unfortunately, some of them sure think they do! You have a very Merry Christmas also. Audrey
  14. I was just wondering if anyone on these boards has heard of and used Connie Cleveland's method of obedience training. I have her DVD's but I am just not sure about her methods. I am really against using the ear pinch method to teach the retrieve and she does use that method. To me it is too "old school". Any opinions out here? Thanks, Audrey
  15. Allison, I read some of your blog and certainly could relate to the teeter problems. My Chi-Ann was petrified of the "bang". This is what I did. I had my husband purchase a 10'x 1' board which I painted and coated, just like a real teeter. I then put some beanbags under the mid section, just enough so it would move. Kind of like a wobble board, which I also have but didn't help the situation of the teeter. After I got her going over the "teeter" with the bean bags under it, I purchased a base on EBay. I assembled it to the lowest height I could and encouraged her over it. Piece of cake. I then put it up to the highest height and she just went over it like it was something she did on a daily basis. So, the next time we went to class she just did the regular teeter with no problem. My trainer couldn't believe it, as he tried and tried to get her over the teeter in class and she was terrified. I have to say, I have a room in my home set up for her training room, so there is carpet under everything. But, now she does it at class with the "bang" and all and she is fine.
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