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Thanks for giving us "the truth"!


Below are my personal favorites....and well, it would only stand to reason since up until this last year this is pretty much the description of me, my dog and my trialing/training experience. Hopefully now with a few more years under both mine and my dog's belts, well......this will be a thing of the past or at least not as big of an issue this year. Or at least until that next new dog comes along. Crap....that's next weekend! Oh well......one can only hope~!


"Last time we saw Mark, his dog was doing pretty much whatever it wanted and scaring the shit out of those sheep while Mark screamed "Lie Down" over and over. Let's give him an encouraging round of applause.


Suzy understands the concept of anticipating what the sheep are going to do when she is sitting on the sofa with a nice glass of Zin. (Of course I would change the Zin to a Guinness or a Vodka Martini : )


Lift: This term refers to time that the dog moves toward the sheep initially in order to get them moving. I refer to this as the "Short Moment Before All Hell Breaks Loose."



"what can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment, I love herding"


P.S. Congrats Sam on the wins at Seclusival Farm Trial....you beat Alasdair not only once, but twice with same dog, Buff? Wow.....you are my hero. And please don't anyone take this comment the wrong way.....I didn't mean it in a bad way.....but wow.....I can only imagine~!


And I am so jealous after reading about what fun everyone had at that trial!!! I still have two weeks before our first of the year. Which, btw.....anyone out there going to the trial in Hotchkiss, CO on May 8 & 9th?

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Why thank you! Like I said in the other thread, I would feel a bit better about it had he been training the dog for longer than the 6 weeks he has had him...He really is an artist. We all had a great time at that trial, the highlight for me being the ride on our west va parade float at 10pm at night waking everyone up...I havent laughed that hard in a good long while...


Good luck at your trial!! You will have to let us know how you do!

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