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Car sick?


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I just got home from a camping trip and I noticed that while driving Oliver would shake and pant (it wasn't hot in the car). He was also trying his darnedest to get into the front or sit/lay on my lap. (I went with my parents and rode in the back seat with Oli) He's never done this before and it was worse on dirt roads than paved ones. Last time we took a lengthy car trip he was just fine and would lay down and snooze. I'm wondering why he was shaking and panting this time. Do dogs get car sick? Was he scared for some reason?


Oh and he ran off a pad, any experience with how to care for it and how fast it will heal? It's about the size of dime on his front right paw on the main pad and has already started to heal over. (He got it on Friday)


Can you tell I'm a first time dog owner? :rolleyes:'


Edit: He's absolutely fine once he's on solid ground

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Dogs can get carsick and it's often anxiety. The way he was acting definitely indicates anxiety. I had success using Rescue Remedy on the BC I had that was prone to anxiety-induced carsickness.


You can buy it online or in most health food stores. I used the one in a spray. I'd just give her a couple squirts in her mouth about 10 minutes prior to the car ride. She never got car sick with the rescue remedy, and she actually began associating it with the car. As in, I'd spray her mouth and she'd run straight to the car afterwards.

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