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Late Bloomer?


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My Satchmo, my cur-looking, brindled border collie, the one that's all drive & sometimes seemingly no brains, the one who "takes a lickin' & keeps on tickin" from the time he was a wee little pup just learning his legs, I think is finally growing up.


Because of a bunch of problems family & otherwise, I have not been able to work my dogs on livestock since October. This past Sunday, we went and I took Satch in. The dog that was always beyond fast, a black blur circling sheep, who would pay minimal mind to a correction (or so it seemed), I think is all growed up!! Still fast--mind boggling how fast he is---he kept his distance and now has a reliable down!!!!! I can't say he just started thinking. I think he was absorbing all his past experience and now he's mature enough to put it all together and I am now in the picture. I am now seeing shades of the sire, not just in looks, but in Satch's potential. He might not actually be too much dog for me afterall.


His littermates were tough too--driven, not dogs for the average or first time dog owner. One is in flyball & kicking butt & the other one also is worked on livestock.


Late bloomers? I think the best is yet to come!



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