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Indian Runners wanted- NY


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Looking to add to my flock of BC Toys and would like 2-4 Indian Runners preferably not chicks. Hoping someone else is sick of cleaning duck poop and would sell older chicks/young adults in the northeast. Will do baby chicks if forced, but not finding many hatcheries around.


Please write directly to dogdaze@nqncare.net



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Sorry, I am too far and don't have any but will say that, as caretaker of stock, to call any, even ducks, "toys", is offensive to me.


I know that you meant it in a light way, but to care for any other being is serious stuff, even if we end up eating them.


While we are their caretakers, they deserve all the respect we should give ourselves and anything under our care.


We, who make our living by taking care of animals and are doing our best to do so in a humane and careful way, want all others to think about this in a serious manner.


Now I will get off my soap box and wish you happy duck hunting.

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